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Root Healing Therapy

Massage, Yoga, and Healing Products....
20525  Center Ridge Suite 300, Rocky River OH 44116

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What we're about....

Root Healing wants to help you feel good and live a healthy life. We offer a variety of different types of massage, private/small group yoga sessions, as well as healing products. Click the tabs above for more details on our services.
Groupon people.......
Groupon has been great for business and we are very grateful for it! Groupons expire in March 31.... NO GROUPONS WILL BE EXCEPTED IN APRIL.  We are trying our best to get everyone in... if your having trouble getting on the schedule we can put you on a cancellation list.


Healing massages at our Rocky River location.. 20525 Center Ridge Rocky River OH 44116


Private or small group session available.

Healing Products

We have everything from calming bath soaks, incense, soy candles, handmade jewelry and hot packs....