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Root Healing Therapy

Massage, Yoga, and Healing Products....
20545  Center Ridge Suite 212, Rocky River OH 44116

Guided meditation with Casey first Sunday at noon. Love donati0n based session.

Movement and Sound Healing Classes with Amy Butler

This class is one hour long. It will vary each time. General schedule is group sound healing session performed with Tibetan singing bowls (6 chakra sounds), and tuning forks. And, adding various movement therapies including stretching, self massage techniques, dance, and polarity yoga exercises. Sometimes props will be used in the form of blocks, hula hoops, excercise balls, foam rollers, and straps. This class is for relaxation so it is perfect for the evening time slot for settling the mind, and getting a better nights sleep. Any skill level beginner-advanced. Tibetin singing bowls - Chakra Sound Healing and Movement benefits. One can expect to come together in community, creating room for the breath to expand and heal m.j our energetic and physical bodies. The vibrational frequencies are known to balance both hemispheres of the brain, penetrating at a cellular level, assisting in relieving stress, helps to recalibrate the nervous system. Leaving one feeling relaxed and rejuvenate.

Every other Thursday.... click on schedule now to see which Thursdays of the Month.

February Yoga Workshop

Heart Opening yoga workshop with candle making
(Feb 09, 2020)
Enjoy a heart opening yoga practice with Rosey.... followed by making your own massage candle.